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Building Parishes and Church Centers to Serve All!

CONU, through generous donors, are constructing a new Church – Divine Mercy Church in Myrgorod Ukraine

Ukrainians Leaders in Formation

The physical structures of the Ukrainian Churches were largely destroyed by the Soviets, but with Ukrainian freedom, came the possibility of building Parish Churches to serve  the spiritual and physical needs of the Ukrainian community.

Now, in addition to rebuilding the Church Buildings, we have a pressing need to train new priests in a setting where they can interact with the Catholic Laity. The vision of Bishop Leon is to construct this new type of Catholic Formation Center called the Saint John Paul II Pastoral Formation Center. It would include an Ecumenical Laity Center, a Seminary, and a Care Center to serve the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of Ukrainians.

Click the  link below and watch the video as Bishop Leon Dubrawski and Bishop Radoslaw Zmitrowicz decribe their vision.

St John Paul II Formation Center – Ukraine

Want to see What God is Doing in the Land of Martyrs?

Christ leads us by opening our eyes to the needs of the Ukrainian people, as we partner with the Ukrainian people. Your donations allow Ukrainian Parishes to minister to the community, including the old, the young, the disabled, the poor, the sick and hungry, and those needing spiritual support.

Watch this June 2018 discovery of Soviet repression, in an unused monastic building, recently returned back to the Ukrainian Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskyi from the government. As they took possession of the abandoned building they discovered the bones of many clergy and religious victims.

Bishop Leon blesses the bones of these newly found martyrs from decades ago in the video link below!

Link to Bishop Leon Blessing Martyrs Bones


“Dearest Lord, Reveal Yourself in us,

Help us to see You in others, Teach us to share You with all.   Amen”

The people of the Ukraine have seen tough times for sure, but that presents a huge opportunity and openness to hearing the saving message of the Gospel. Your donation of any amount helps us continue our ministry and be on the frontlines in a place that is often in the headlines.

Beauty in the Mirgorod Church!

Here are some pictures capturing some of the most recent progress. Some beautiful work being performed!

Another Video from the Single Mother’s Home

CONU is proud to support the single mother’s home. Please watch the video below and see the happiness brought to these beautiful, healthy children by these wonderful Sisters (Sisters Renata, Kamila and Lidia)

Progress on the Mirgorod Church!

From Father Stanislav: 

I am pleased to inform you that we have already finished the main church, on the second floor. This is a great miracle. The church, the main hall, turned out to be very beautiful. Thank you.

God at Work

CONU (Catholic Outreach to Northern Ukraine) for 24 years has expressed the love of God in so many ways: repair and building of churches destroyed or  destructively remodeled and used for Communist needs for more than 50 years; donated clothes and monies to orphanages, mental, physical and spiritual help in these post communist days.  CONU in these past years have given prayer, time, money for  buildings of prayer, for  spiritual, emotional and physical care and education.  In these more than 24 years, the personal giving and receiving of so many people have revealed God Our Father’s love, so well expressed in these many relationships brought together in these post communist times. Restoration of buildings and bodies helps rediscover dignity of the human person.

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