Lubny Church and Donations

CONU is pleased to hear from Father Stanislav that your donations are helping to provide such essentials as food, clothing, and kitchen utensils. Here is a picture of some of those aided inside the renovated Lubny church.

Update from the Home for Single Mothers and Children

Here’s a video from the Home for Single Mothers and Children, April 15, 2022. They have evacuated Korotich, a small village west of Kharkiv, Urkaine, and had to move to western Ukraine, SE of Lviv.  They are praying and thanking CONU.
The second picture is of a crater from a large bomb about 100 meters from Home for Single Mothers and Children in Korotich before they evacuated. It appears to be a random drop, perhaps the pilot decided to unload his aircraft before returning to base. Whatever the cause, perhaps God saved some lives or property damage. Now one of the 3 buildings there is occupied by 40 refugees or war victims.

Crater near Home for Single Mothers and Children

Thanks for helping our refugees!

Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to safely provide shelter for refugees from Eastern Ukraine. Here are some pictures of the accommodations provided to those needing to flee their war torn homes. Please keep those donations coming. Bless you.

Beauty in the Mirgorod Church!

Here are some pictures capturing some of the most recent progress. Some beautiful work being performed!

Another Video from the Single Mother’s Home

CONU is proud to support the single mother’s home. Please watch the video below and see the happiness brought to these beautiful, healthy children by these wonderful Sisters (Sisters Renata, Kamila and Lidia)

Progress on the Mirgorod Church!

From Father Stanislav: 

I am pleased to inform you that we have already finished the main church, on the second floor. This is a great miracle. The church, the main hall, turned out to be very beautiful. Thank you.

A Tribute to Father Paul and the CONU Mission

The link below provides a presentation that was played during the reception at Father Paul’s funeral. Father Paul CONU Tribute

Father Paul Wicker Passes

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our Executive Director and dear friend, Father Paul Wicker. Father Paul was such a wonderful leader of CONU and wonderful friend to the Ukrainian people. His leadership and inspiration will be greatly missed. His funeral services will be live streamed. For more information on celebrating Father Paul’s life, please visit