From Father Pavlo Khomiak in Lutsk:
this year the Kitchen for the Needy has generated an extremely high demand among the public. Due to the difficult financial situation and the large number of new immigrants, people massively stood in huge queues to get their share of food. It is incredibly difficult to realize how many people in need are in difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, we still live in conditions with constant power outages, people are losing their jobs en masse, and people who have managed to escape from the war zone have no financial means to live on. On some days, the number of needy people who were waiting for their portion of hot lunches reached the number of 800 people. Even massive air raids and planes circling overhead did not scare people who wanted one thing above all else – to eat. This is an extremely large number, and our modest kitchen space and equipment could not provide hot meals to such a large number of needy people. Therefore, for those who did not have enough hot lunches, we additionally issued food kits so that people could at least have something to eat. After three active months of work preparing meals for needy migrants, lonely elderly people, people who found themselves in difficult living conditions, our resources were exhausted, because the number of people was much larger than we expected.”
Many of the pictures below show the refugees braving the cold for the opportunity to receive a meal. Most of distribution occurs at the church in Lutsk but some needs are met by mobile distribution. Please help if you can. Here’s a link to our donation page:

Braving the winter for a chance at a hot meal

Outside the Lutsk church

Staff preparing meals for the masses at the Kitchen for the Needy

Winter has been bitter for our brothers and sisters in Lutsk

Mobile distribution

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