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CONU Newsletter!

Here is our latest newsletter. It highlights the past year including a visit to Colorado of three of our Ukrainian guests and a trip to Ukraine by two of our board members. Enjoy the stories and links inside the newsletter to even more. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HDjGw4V_HdSF0T5lWAv_2Cj7qmil1MLJ/view?usp=drive_link

Christmas Celebration at the House of Hope

The House of Hope (aka the Single Mothers Home) holds a Christmas celebration for the children. In pic 1, Sisters Kamila and Renata join Father Stanislaw (filling in as Santa Claus) to bring joy to the children. In pic 3, the children who received art craft supplies show their gratitude. Thanks to your contributions to […]

Coverage of Ukrainian Visit to Colorado!

We had a wonderful visit with our amazing Ukrainian visitors. We were blessed to receive some great coverage by local and national media. We’d like to share it with you. EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) News In Depth featured an episode with Sister Kamila and our board member, Ken Rackers. The link is: https://ondemand.ewtn.com/free/Home/Play/en/END21124  The […]

A Wonderful Video from the House of Hope

Sister Kamila at the Single Mothers Home, aka, the House of Hope put together this short video to capture what has transpired since the outbreak of war and show their appreciation to CONU during these difficult times.  It’s a pleasure to watch! FYI, Sister Kamila will be visiting Colorado Springs August 23 – September 5.  […]

CONU Ukrainian Leaders coming to Colorado!

We are sponsoring a special visit for three amazing spiritual leaders serving on the frontlines in Ukraine.  The visit to Colorado will occur August 23 – September 5.  Our guests are Bishop Vitaly Skomarovskyi, Bishop of Lutsk; Father Oleksandr Zelinskyi, Director of EWTN-Ukraine; and Sister Kamila Frydryszewska, Co-Director of the House of Hope for Single […]

CONU takes on a new meaning!

As the organization has grown and the needs of our mission have increased, we want all to know that our support now goes much beyond our friends in Northern Ukraine. Especially since the outbreak of war, our mission leaders find themselves assisting refugees and brethren throughout Ukraine. Therefore we have dropped the “Northern” and changed […]