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Here is our latest newsletter. It highlights the past year including a visit to Colorado of three of our Ukrainian guests and a trip to Ukraine by two of our board members. Enjoy the stories and links inside the newsletter to even more.

Happy Easter wishes from the Children at the House of Hope

Always love seeing the happy children at the Single Mothers Home, also known as, the House of Hope, in Korotich Ukraine.  Despite nearby shelling, these kids know how to share their happiness.

Christmas Celebration at the House of Hope

The House of Hope (aka the Single Mothers Home) holds a Christmas celebration for the children. In pic 1, Sisters Kamila and Renata join Father Stanislaw (filling in as Santa Claus) to bring joy to the children. In pic 3, the children who received art craft supplies show their gratitude. Thanks to your contributions to CONU such wonderful celebrations are possible! Merry Christmas indeed!

Coverage of Ukrainian Visit to Colorado!

We had a wonderful visit with our amazing Ukrainian visitors. We were blessed to receive some great coverage by local and national media. We’d like to share it with you.
EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) News In Depth featured an episode with Sister Kamila and our board member, Ken Rackers. The link is:  The segment starts about 28 minutes in. It’s excellent!
KOAA, Channel 5 News, broadcast this with Bishop Vitaly

This was in the Gazette the Gazette

Ukrainian Visitors featured in the Colorado Springs Gazette!

Our local newspaper, The Gazette, published a wonderful article about our Ukrainian visitors to Colorado Springs! Please read the article at: Gazette article on Ukrainian Visit



Ukrainian Spiritual Leaders Arrive in Colorado Springs!

Our Ukrainian visitors have arrived! Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs did a great news segment on their first day here. This is a great clip to read and watch the news segment too (in the upper right corner).

A Wonderful Video from the House of Hope

Sister Kamila at the Single Mothers Home, aka, the House of Hope put together this short video to capture what has transpired since the outbreak of war and show their appreciation to CONU during these difficult times.  It’s a pleasure to watch!

FYI, Sister Kamila will be visiting Colorado Springs August 23 – September 5.  One goal of her visit is to share awareness of their situation.  She will be presenting at Holy Apostles Church on Wednesday, August 30, 6:30-8PM.  Please let us know if you’re interested in attending by emailing

The video link is House of Hope video

CONU Ukrainian Leaders coming to Colorado!

We are sponsoring a special visit for three amazing spiritual leaders serving on the frontlines in Ukraine.  The visit to Colorado will occur August 23 – September 5.  Our guests are Bishop Vitaly Skomarovskyi, Bishop of Lutsk; Father Oleksandr Zelinskyi, Director of EWTN-Ukraine; and Sister Kamila Frydryszewska, Co-Director of the House of Hope for Single Mothers and Children.  Their visit is the highlight of CONU’s Restoring Identity, Self-Respect and Esteem in the Ukrainian People, RISE UP, Campaign.  The goal is to raise awareness of the unimaginable hardships and atrocities experienced by the Ukrainian people during this unjust war.  Bishop Golka, Diocese of Colorado Springs, is encouraging Colorado leaders to sponsor events to assist with spreading their word.  Below are two events Bishop Golka is hosting. Please look for announcements for events in local parishes, here on this website, and on Facebook.

Event Date/Time Location
Mass presided by Bishops Golka and Skomarovskyi celebrating Independence Day of Ukraine. Reception to follow. Sun, 27 Aug, 9 AM Holy Apostles Church, Colorado Springs
Bishop Golka hosting Respect Life Dinner Thu, 24 Aug, 5PM Flying W Ranch, Colorado Springs

Below are brief introductions to these disciples.  We hope you will come listen to their messages as they describe God’s work.

In 1994, then Father, now Bishop Vitaly Skomarovskyi, was the pastor of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Sumy.  He was visiting Holy Apostles Parish in Colorado Springs and asked Father Paul Wicker, fellow Co-Founder of CONU, if Holy Apostles would consider becoming a sister parish.  He saw this request as a call from God. Their shared calling and mission drive resulted in forming CONU.  In the early years, focus was on rebuilding churches, equipping orphanages; forming a medical team of pediatricians, and helping nuns working with single homeless pregnant women.  As bishop, his drive as shepherd has grown commensurate with his bigger flock.

Father Oleskandr Zelinski is the Director General for ETWN-Ukraine.  He is overseeing a documentary film about the impacts of the war. CONU is sponsoring the production.  He’s God’s messenger. Here are some interviews with this disciple:

His message is to rely on your faith during this most difficult time.  He shared that “We broadcast Masses and prayers from our chapel, and we know that people need it now.” “We ask for prayer and support from all of you. We need it during this dramatic situation.”
Sister Kamila Frydryszewska is the co-director of The Single Mothers’ Home.  They have provided love and support for pregnant and unwed mothers for decades. Sister Kamila has served for 10 years in Ukraine.  She is part of a dynamic team that operates facilities which typically house around 20 single mothers and 30-40 children. CONU is proudly a major and steadfast contributor to their operating costs. It’s sad to say but many of the children would likely have been aborted or abandoned were it not for this place of refuge.  Most mothers were formerly homeless, many from orphanages themselves.

CONU takes on a new meaning!

As the organization has grown and the needs of our mission have increased, we want all to know that our support now goes much beyond our friends in Northern Ukraine. Especially since the outbreak of war, our mission leaders find themselves assisting refugees and brethren throughout Ukraine. Therefore we have dropped the “Northern” and changed the name to Catholic Outreach to NEIGHBORS in Ukraine. We are proud of our ability to spread our support to our friends and neighbors!

Winter 2023 Newsletter

Please see our latest newsletter featuring articles on refugee support in Lutsk and Myrgorod and the House of Hope (the Single Mothers Home).  Click here for the full newsletter.  Winter 2023 Newsletter

Love in the House of Hope

Refugees waiting for assistance outside the Lutsk church