Extract from a gratitude letter from Father Chomiak in Lutsk

… let me express to you the words of our sincere and deep gratitude for your kind and open heart and support for the needy people in Ukraine… Every day we live under the terrifying sounds of sirens, see deadly rockets fly by and hear the sounds of explosions. However, amidst this gloom of darkness, we also see and feel the strong and strong support we receive from sincere people with big hearts! Your personal support and the support of your entire organization CONU is an invaluable help in our daily lives, because it is because of you that people are able to get the help they need… we live in conditions without electricity, water and heating. This difficult and harsh Ukrainian winter has become a new test that we have to pass. However thanks to your help, needy people who find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances feel that they are not alone with their problems. … thanks to the kindness of your hearts, we are able to implement the campaign “Kitchen for the poor and needy” and warm needy people with hot lunches. … May God’s grace and mercy always be in your homes and hearts. We pray that the Lord will bless you with His blessings and express our sincere gratitude for the fact that he has rewarded you with kind hearts! We would like to wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas. So that the light and joy of the Lord’s birth always accompany you, and the Christmas star indicates only the right path of life’s path!

Distribution of goods in Lutsk

Gratitude Letter from Lutsk and Fr. Chomiak

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