Is God calling you to get involved?

Is Christ calling you to join this effort of revealing Our Father’s love for these people in Ukraine?

Please pray:

Imagine the life in Ukraine where 79%, according to UN research, are living in poverty.  Imagine the broken families, the homeless elderly, the hungry..  Can you dedicate time in prayer for both those in need and those who serve!

  • for the hungry and homeless who come to Caritas Spes center for food and care; for medical care for special needs children;
  • for children and their mothers who have lost their husbands, a growing Family Heroes recently founded by Vadim Kdubodelov;
  • for finding financial support to retrofit a large building across from the church into a clinic
  • for elderly homeless, to provide their special needs: showers, barber shop, medical care, space for gathering;
  • for the completion of the Divine Mercy church in Mirgorod; for the many families of different faiths living in the current cities in the war zone

About 20 years ago the Catholic Church in Ukraine formed an organization Caritas Spes, (love and hope). Different parishes have chosen to connect with this movement of love and hope. In April of this year CONU and Caritas Spes, after carefully praying and discerning together, have chosen to work together. We have chosen Tuesdays and Wednesdays to offer prayers of thanksgiving and petition for and with each other and for those in need. In today’s social media we hope to spend moments praying and visiting with each other using “GoToMeeting.” We hope to enrich each other with our experiences of Christ leading us in our helping of each other, that “all may be one as we are one” (John 17).


Is Christ calling you to reveal Our Father’s Mercy through the love in your financial generosity?  There is no gift too small, no gift too large.  Your money is condensed energy of Love that energizes working with Christ!

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