Since 1995 CONU has brought help to orphanages and rehabilitation centers in Kharkiv; we have financially helped in teaching the blind community in Kharkiv, and the Vincentian Depaul Center in Kharkiv. We have helped renovate several churches in Ukraine, among them: Sumy, Romny, Rehalsk, Shotska, Oleysk, Korasten and have funded new building of churches in Konotop and Mirgorod.  In addition, we have funded hospital patient needs, and a soup kitchen in Sumy.

Currently CONU is partnering with Caritas Spes in the diocese of Kharkiv which extends from North of Kharkiv along the Russian border to the Azov sea , covering 75,800 sq mi, and a population 18,090,000 as of 2013. According to recent UN research, 79% are living under poverty line.  A charitable group, Caritas Spes, ” Charity and Hope”,  was founded by the Roman Catholic bishops in Ukraine. Caritas Spes was the first organization to offer humanitarian help to Ukraine in 1991.

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